NH Senior Photographer  |  Merrimack Valley High School Senior Pictures:  Meet Felicity


NH Senior Photographer | Merrimack Valley High School Senior Pictures: Meet Felicity

Oh dear Lord... Merrimack Valley Seniors.  Out of all of the amazing seniors that I got to meet, this girl really touched me.  We had a mini session together and I was just dying for it to go longer.  Felicity got to the location and came flying down the gravel road on two wheels of her Volvo.  She jumped out of her car and she was ready to go.  No nerves, no mirror checking, no "does this look okay".  She had confidence, warmth and stunning beauty.

In fact, Felicity was exactly what I wanted to be in high school.  From her session, I learned that she had a great group of friends (many of which I had met or would get to meet in later sessions) and she even brought one with her.  She had this easy, cool beauty.  She didn't have to try... it was totally natural.  She didn't care about "this side" or "that side" and when I asked her how she liked her hair, she flipped it over, shook it out and said "this is good".  Oh my.  She was a dream come true.

The light that we had for her session brought out these amazingly GORGEOUS blue eyes that she has and they literally lit up my computer screen.  I kept posting them to my Snapchat because they were mesmerizing.  And her outfit choices were amazing - which I later learned was because she worked a popular clothing store.  She seriously should be a poster child for them!

Felicity, it was wonderful to work with you and I hope that confidence and coolness follows you around.  You are amazing in so many ways!  Thank you for our session together!


Mommy & Me:  A Tale of Two Beauties


Mommy & Me: A Tale of Two Beauties

It doesn't get much more gorgeous than this for a Mommy & Me session!  I absolutely love doing these Londonderry, NH sessions while the apple blossoms are in bloom.  Because time slots are in such high demand and the blossoms are out for such a short amount of time, I love to give moms the opportunity to get some amazing images with their little (or big) ones.  And that also means that I love to give dads the chance to have a really easy Mother's Day present.  (You are welcome for that!)

This family has been in front of my camera many times before and I swear, as Miss C grows, she is just more and more beautiful.  She had the most cheerful, smiley and joyful session we have had together.  Her mom's choice of outfits for the two of them complimented the light of spring and the color of the orchard so well.

Thank you so much, N family, for coming out from Portsmouth, NH to visit me here in Londonderry for the amazing orchards.  I was so honored to have you in front of my camera again!


Londonderry NH Photographer  |  Headshots for Small Business


Londonderry NH Photographer | Headshots for Small Business


I'm not going to lie... when Jessica contacted me from All Girl Shave Club about some new headshots for her business, I immediately looked her up on Instagram.  And then, I squealed like a young girl getting tickets to a NKOTB concert, jumped up and down about 30 times and then proceeded to do a mini (okay, not so mini) happy dance in my office.  All of which, my 4 year old saw.

And then I composed myself and wrote back nicely about how I'd love to do headshots for her and how excited I am to lend my creative talent to such an awesome endeavor.  This girl has an amazing product with fantastic branding.  You can find her awesomeness here:  http://www.allgirlshaveclub.com/

This woman INVENTED the term #bossbabe.  Not only is she killing it with her business and teaching her boys what it means to work hard and that girls can be in charge...  she's also amazingly gorgeous.  Perfection.  She was such a treat to photograph and I swear to you, not ONE image was bad.  Again... perfection.

Jessica, thank you SO much for asking me to take these important images of you.  You are amazing and I love not only your entrepreneurial spirit, but your good ol' Merrimack girl spirit as well.  It was such a pleasure to work with you and your company.  And everyone else, go get your shave on! 


Londonderry NH Newborn Lifestyle Photographer  |  And Baby J makes 4


Londonderry NH Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | And Baby J makes 4

I had the opportunity to meet this adorable family of 3... ALMOST 4, back in December when I did a maternity session out in the snow covered field for them.  It was chilly but they could not have been warmer or sweeter.  Knowing that this little bundle was about to be introduced to this Nashua NH family, it was so great getting to know them.  Per usual, we had lots of connections and knew so many of the same people.  And you all know I love when that happens!

Their home was so gorgeous and I love, love, looooooved every single detail and the thought that was put into the home.  It was an absolute dream to photograph.  Of course, the only thing that topped that was how adorable big sister was with her new baby brother.  She would bring books and pictures in and out of the room as I was snapping away to show her baby.  It could not have been sweeter.

Thank you, D family, for letting me into your little baby bubble!  It was a gift to capture your family during this special time.


Hudson NH Senior Photographer  |  Alvirne Mini Senior Mini Sessions


Hudson NH Senior Photographer | Alvirne Mini Senior Mini Sessions

So many of my Alvirne seniors in Hudson, NH do full sessions that allow them up to three different outfit changes and lots of time to get a variety in their images.  But what if you're short on time or would rather the convenience of a shorter session?  How about a senior mini?

Senior mini sessions can take place a number of local places.  I stack the sessions one on top of the other to have a couple of seniors back-to-back.  It works out awesomely when friends book together and I can do them at the same time - getting a variety of shots that work well for each.  It's also a great opportunity to get a couple of shots in together as well!  Nothing like having a few great images of you and your friends!

The mini sessions still give you a nice round gallery with so many usable images - from your yearbook photo and pictures that will hang on grandma's walls, to images that you will want to share on social media, a mini session will get the job done!  If you are wondering which session is for you, please get in touch with me - I'd love to talk to you about your options for your senior pictures!


Londonderry NH Newborn Photographer  |  Baby W


Londonderry NH Newborn Photographer | Baby W


Walking into a home with a newborn baby is like walking into a little slice of heaven.  The hushed voices, the sweet smells, the fresh piles of little laundry.  I am always so honored when New Hampshire families ask me to come in and capture the first few days of a new life.  It is one of my favorite things to do and I can't wait to watch how a new family connects.

Baby W is amazing in every way.  His sweet little smile.  His gorgeous eyes (when he would open them!)  His gorgeous, perfectly perfect room.  Mom and Dad wanted to capture everything exactly as it was during the first few days, weeks and months.  And why not?  As everyone who has older kids can attest - it all changes... and too quickly.

I will always love walking into Londonderry homes, and other NH houses during the first few days with their new babies.  As families form and connect... and of course as they grow.  It's like a tiny piece of heaven, right down the street.