So many more people are interested in lifestyle photography here in New Hampshire, and I couldn't be happier about that!  I absolutely love capturing families within their own environment.  Kids are usually much more comfortable inside their own homes, on their own turf.  And I love seeing them interact with their favorite toys, their little nooks and crannies in their homes and seeing their confidence when they rule the roost.  Lifestyle sessions are easy-paced, slow going and freeze time - whether it be the quiet of only one in your house, or the chaos and craziness of 5!

As I tell so many of my newborn and toddler lifestyle session families... as much as we don't want our homes and our kids rooms to change over the years, they do.  Mobiles that hang over cribs give way to pictures that they draw... and will eventually have posters and photographs hang that we have no control over.  While we have say in what their room decor looks like and ummm... how clean their room stays... let's capture these important moments.