Oh dear Lord... Merrimack Valley Seniors.  Out of all of the amazing seniors that I got to meet, this girl really touched me.  We had a mini session together and I was just dying for it to go longer.  Felicity got to the location and came flying down the gravel road on two wheels of her Volvo.  She jumped out of her car and she was ready to go.  No nerves, no mirror checking, no "does this look okay".  She had confidence, warmth and stunning beauty.

In fact, Felicity was exactly what I wanted to be in high school.  From her session, I learned that she had a great group of friends (many of which I had met or would get to meet in later sessions) and she even brought one with her.  She had this easy, cool beauty.  She didn't have to try... it was totally natural.  She didn't care about "this side" or "that side" and when I asked her how she liked her hair, she flipped it over, shook it out and said "this is good".  Oh my.  She was a dream come true.

The light that we had for her session brought out these amazingly GORGEOUS blue eyes that she has and they literally lit up my computer screen.  I kept posting them to my Snapchat because they were mesmerizing.  And her outfit choices were amazing - which I later learned was because she worked a popular clothing store.  She seriously should be a poster child for them!

Felicity, it was wonderful to work with you and I hope that confidence and coolness follows you around.  You are amazing in so many ways!  Thank you for our session together!