Walking into a home with a newborn baby is like walking into a little slice of heaven.  The hushed voices, the sweet smells, the fresh piles of little laundry.  I am always so honored when New Hampshire families ask me to come in and capture the first few days of a new life.  It is one of my favorite things to do and I can't wait to watch how a new family connects.

Baby W is amazing in every way.  His sweet little smile.  His gorgeous eyes (when he would open them!)  His gorgeous, perfectly perfect room.  Mom and Dad wanted to capture everything exactly as it was during the first few days, weeks and months.  And why not?  As everyone who has older kids can attest - it all changes... and too quickly.

I will always love walking into Londonderry homes, and other NH houses during the first few days with their new babies.  As families form and connect... and of course as they grow.  It's like a tiny piece of heaven, right down the street.