I'm not going to lie... when Jessica contacted me from All Girl Shave Club about some new headshots for her business, I immediately looked her up on Instagram.  And then, I squealed like a young girl getting tickets to a NKOTB concert, jumped up and down about 30 times and then proceeded to do a mini (okay, not so mini) happy dance in my office.  All of which, my 4 year old saw.

And then I composed myself and wrote back nicely about how I'd love to do headshots for her and how excited I am to lend my creative talent to such an awesome endeavor.  This girl has an amazing product with fantastic branding.  You can find her awesomeness here:  http://www.allgirlshaveclub.com/

This woman INVENTED the term #bossbabe.  Not only is she killing it with her business and teaching her boys what it means to work hard and that girls can be in charge...  she's also amazingly gorgeous.  Perfection.  She was such a treat to photograph and I swear to you, not ONE image was bad.  Again... perfection.

Jessica, thank you SO much for asking me to take these important images of you.  You are amazing and I love not only your entrepreneurial spirit, but your good ol' Merrimack girl spirit as well.  It was such a pleasure to work with you and your company.  And everyone else, go get your shave on!