I loved this session before I even took a single shot!  Mr. B and his awesome parents are related to one of my closest friends, so I knew that their session would be absolutely amazing.  Their gorgeous home, the adorable outfits for the baby and their happy dispositions all made for a great session.

Lifestyle photography is all about using your home as the backdrop to your images.  The nursery and living room in this case, were perfect to get a variety of images while keeping everyone relaxed.  I offer my clients an extensive guide on how to get their home ready for a lifestyle session and what to look for to make their session really stand out.  Small touches like fresh flowers, tidy spaces and timing your session for correct lighting all have huge impact on a lifestyle session.  As you can see, this family took my advice and their session looked like it could be on the cover of a magazine!

If my clients need help in how to organize or arrange their home for a lifestyle session, I'm always available!