When this Portsmouth, NH family asked me to come do a session out on the Seacoast, I naturally did a little fist pump and immediately started imagining how awesome of a session they would have!  They are such a gorgeous family and little C is just TOO CUTE for words.  So when the day was beautiful and the weather was just right...  something had to go wrong.

Miss C wasn't totally into having her picture taken at first, (that happens a lot and we can ease into things!), but then the beautiful sunny day started to turn... and quickly!  Dark clouds rolled in.  The water and breeze picked up.  It started to get... dare I say... chilly?  We had to work fast!

I love that this family was willing to just do more of a lifestyle approach when things didn't go 100% they way they planned.  So, I followed Miss C around as she looked at airplanes and boats, picked up rocks, put her toes in the water...  and while that kept her happy and I snapped along, we would grab her for a couple more shots with her parents, until she realized what we were doing!

Thank you N family, for being so flexible!  I loved when I got a message about how surprised you were with how many great images there were, considering the circumstances.  That's my favorite surprise - when families don't think the session went great because of weather, clothing malfunctions or kid situations... but the gallery is perfection.