I am always honored when this particular family chooses me as their photographer for their special milestones.  It's not that I have known Josie since we were in 7th grade.  It's not that I worked with her for many years behind the front desk of a YMCA.  It's not that she's gorgeous and so photogenic and has an amazing spirit that is easy to capture.

It's that at the end of the day, she is an amazing artist herself.  Singing, acting, writing. (Making a huge paper mache Disney Thumper head out of an oversized plastic ball for our 8th grade French project.)  This girl has talent.  Real talent.  So it always amazes me when someone who is so incredibly talented... someone who really appreciates art, music, design... chooses me as their photographer.

I was lucky enough to capture Josie and her gorgeous Pepper many years ago.  Then last year, we added Matt to the mix, along with a growing belly.  Now this year, I have been able to capture Mr. H as he turns 6 months and watch as he fits perfectly into this little family.

Mr. H also wins the award for best t-shirt ever worn to a photoshoot.  Hands down.  Thank you again, O family!