The most amazing thing about owning a small business in Londonderry is having business and pleasure mix together so well!  I had the honor of doing some sessions with this family before and then as luck would have it, we ended up on the same small town soccer team!  This mama was out there on the soccer fields coaching until her due date - and then right back out there after!  She is so awesome and I was so lucky to spend the morning at their home inside their little baby bubble.  

If you are looking for newborn lifestyle photography in New Hampshire, I can travel to your home to provide the same experience as you see here, and in other posts on my website.  We use your home as the backdrop to the images.  It's intimate, quiet, no-stress.  If you need to feed the baby, feed the baby.  If you need to change them, no problem.  We go on the baby's schedule and I reserve enough time to fill up an amazing gallery for you.  If you have questions about a lifestyle session, I have a Lifestyle Guide just for you.

Thank you so much for inviting me in and allowing me to capture your first days as a family of 4!