Outfits for girls can be overwhelming with so many choices!  But the guys can be a bit more basic, while still looking totally on point.  I have a full senior guide to what to wear and how to prep for your senior session, but here are some simple ways that senior pictures for guys in the NH area can be stylish and comfortable.

  • What's your style?  Preppy, sporty, lumberjack with a man-bun?  Whatever it is, let's get you wearing what you feel comfortable in, but makes you look put together and photographs well.  And while you might think that you look awesome when you roll out of bed, your mom would probably like your senior portraits to be a bit more polished.  So we will work together to do that.
  • If you are not loving the idea of changing a couple of times and having different looks, my mini session for you is a great option!  You get one outfit and if you layer it, we can get a couple of different looks out of you.  Perfect for getting in, getting out and back to enjoying your summer.  More information on a mini can be found on my pricing page.
  • If you do want a couple of different looks, that's awesome as well!  You will want to take a look at my full senior experience, also found on my pricing page that gives you 3 different outfit changes.  I have a pop-up tent so that you can get ready quickly and easily.