So you're looking for a senior photographer!  Google is going to give you plenty of options.  Your school is probably going to have a recommendation.  Your mom probably has a friend of a friend who knows of someone...  But what are some things you should look for when searching for a senior photographer for these milestone images?  Here's my top 5 (because, everyone loves a top 5, right?!)

5.  Social Media
You want a photographer who is out there.  Your mom is on Facebook, you and your siblings are on IG, you Snapchat with your friends...  Make sure that your senior photographer is interested in the same communication style as what fits your life.  I LOVE using snapchat during my senior sessions and giving a "SENIOR TAKE-OVER"!  My seniors can also share their images with friends and family through these platforms as well.  Just double check with your photographer - some do not let you share, so if it's something that's important to you, ask them!

4. Style & Fashion
Let's face it.  You have your own style that is all you.  You might shop at some popular stores, but at the end of the day, it's the way that you pull it all together that puts your own stamp on it.  I love having many different sides to my wardrobe and I'm sure you do, too.  We will have time for 3 different outfit changes during your senior session and I have a nifty little changing booth for you to change in so it's not awkward at all!  

One of my favorite parts of working with seniors is helping with the outfit coordination.  I have a what-to-wear style guide for guys and girls that I send out to my seniors that has TONS of ideas and inspiration.  Make sure that your photographer can help you decide what would photograph well while bringing out your personality and style sense.

Also, take a look at the style of the other girls that your photographer captures.  Look to see if the photographer offers inspiration from style boards, Pinterest boards, Polyvore, etc.  Knowing that they are committed to helping you look your best is key.

3. Personalizes your Personality
Band. Horses. Cheer. Art. Outgoing. Reserved. Extroverted. Introverted.


I want you, to bring YOU.  The things that make you the person who loves to play your instrument, cheer for your team, learn a new skill, reading books that aren't on your summer reading list.  I want to capture that part of your senior year.  So be sure that your photographer can and will represent who you are and that they are thoughtful in asking you want you want these pictures to be like.  Not one of my seniors is the same.  Everyone does different things, has different interests and feelings.  A great photographer will bring that out in your session and make customize your session to be all about you.

2. Posing for Perfection.
My senior girls will tell you that I often say "okay, this is going to sound crazy, buuuut..." and I usually tell them to put their hands or their arms in an unnatural position that actually looks amazing.  Then we all laugh and I get a great shot.  Posing doesn't come naturally to most, unless you've modeled (or you've been practicing your selfie... come on now, don't deny it!). Your photographer should be able to pose you in different positions and styles to emphasize the many things you love about yourself.  

Is there something that you might be a little worried about for the session?  Maybe you have a mole that your grandma loves, but you don't.  Or maybe you don't like your hair behind your ears (uhhhh, I don't!)  Don't be shy.  Let's work together to make sure that there are no worries and all comfort in your session.  And, we will do some fun things at the start of the shoot to have you loving the camera right away!

1. Light Seeker
I admit it.  I am a light lover.  I will chase that sun... find the perfect light.  We might even been in the middle of a series of poses and I will stop and follow the ever-changing light.  It's probably what attracted you to my photos in the first place.  I am very particular about the light that I shoot in, what time I shoot at and locations that I use.

Every photographer worth their weight will tell you the secret to amazing images is the right light.  When you look at their pictures, can you see the sun?  Can you feel the light coming from the images?  Does it just seem to glow?  Find someone who can do that.

Bottom Line:
I'm an open book with my clients.  From interests to fashion to locations and light... I'm there every step of the way for my clients.  Be sure that your photographer is, too.