Don't you love how clothing can show off your personality in your senior pictures?  With my full senior sessions, I offer my clients the opportunity to do 3 different outfit changes (I would do more, but that's about all we have time for before the sun sets!)  I love seeing how different each outfit is that my seniors bring and how each one shows of a piece of them.

I also LOVE when my seniors shop at the same store... but put their outfits together totally differently!  It is so unique and individualized.  Just like our session together!  I work closely with the student and the mom to make sure that all the clothing is appropriate, pulled together and most importantly, photographs well!  I know, you may LOVE neon, but the camera doesn't love it.

Here are just a *couple* of tips of what to wear for your session - I send my seniors a complete "what-to-wear" guide prior to their session!

  • Avoid neon colors and colors with logos.  I know, your North Face jacket is your fav.  But leave it at home.  It dates a picture, which... when you're older, you won't appreciate.  
  • Wear clothes that fit and make you feel AMAZING!  You might love a dress at the store, but if you are pulling it down, or squeezing the front, have to pin it, etc., you will not like it during your session.  When clothes fit well, you can feel it.  And if in doubt, trust your mom.  They know about these things.
  • Don't forget about the details!  You want to be styled from head to toe.  Earrings, necklaces, shoes... they all come into the story.  Have a pair of special earrings that grandma gave you?  Let's wear them in one of the clothing options.  This is why we bring moms and friends... they are awesome at being your glam squad and holding on to pieces for you while I shoot.

Here are some other ideas for inspiration - and remember, we can make these outfits work for the location that you choose.  Imagine your gorgeous prom dress blowing in the wind in a field.  Or an awesome pair of high heels on the city street.  We are going to rock your session, no matter what.