I'm not one to use the word blessed a lot.  I don't hashtag it, I don't throw it around.  It is weighty and I'm not one to confuse a blessing with being lucky... in the right place at the right time... or privileged.

But I have been absolutely, positively, without a doubt, blessed to meet this Nashua family at Mack's Apples in Londonderry, NH.  It felt right as soon as the inquiry came through my email (with a bit of intervention to help it along) and when I met them in person... well.  It had felt like I had known them for years.  We just meshed as we walked from one area to another, chatting about everything from what an unseasonably warm day it was, to the relationship between their oldest and her daddy.  I felt overwhelmed as a peeked at the back of my camera to see the love and light that was on the screen.  It's always my intention to capture that, of course... but to feel like every.single.image had this gorgeous light that wasn't coming from nature.  Well, it was something I had experienced in a long time.

I have said privately to this family that I have felt so, so honored and humbled to be able to catch this glow that emanates from each one of them.  As I had their Christmas card hanging on my mantle, I was reminded every day into the new year how we all have that light, that spark, that spirit.  We just need people around to remind us.