This girl.  
This witty, compassionate, gracious, soulful, glowing, reflective girl.
There will never be enough beautiful adjectives to describe her.

We probably couldn't have been more different growing up.  She was good at French.  I used to copy off her paper.  She was the lead in the senior class play with her gorgeous songbird voice.  I watched her with such pride from the audience as people "ooh-ed and ahh-ed".  She constantly had to overcome the stereotypes that plagued the schools we went to.  I looked like the majority.

But we both liked to have fun.  We were both creative in different ways.  We liked to ask our french teacher how to say grossly humorous phrases.  We liked to make wildly inappropriate holiday cards and send them to each other, pretending they were from random people.  We liked to yell things out the windows to other drivers as we were sitting in traffic on our way to concerts.  We liked to call our co-workers and leave them messages of us singing "i just died in your arms tonight" by cutting crew.  (I'll always be the synthesizer, fyi.)

She and I have both seen each other during the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that life has to offer.  And as I've watched her, she has always, always had such a thoughtful, positive and poignant way about her.  Whatever the situation.  It's something that I so much admire and I'm sure she will pass on to this kiddo who has seriously won the parent jackpot.

When I was due with my daughter, she made her two newborn shirts.  Those shirts are in my daughter's memory box of baby items.  Every time I have reached into that box over the years, I have wondered how I could possibly repay such a simple yet intimate gesture.

She and I may have different gifts.  We have different talents.  We are both lucky enough to do what we love.  I was so moved to be asked to do her maternity session.  While I may not be able to create something special to wear that will be passed on, I know that these images will be cherished.  And might even make it to a memory box some day.