People often ask if I love working with seniors.  Are you KIDDING me?!  I love it.  The excitement of what is to come.  And not only the fun senior activities like prom and senior week.  It's about what they are going to do afterwards.  Where they are going.  What they want to do.  And be.

And that my friends, is the really amazing thing about working with these seniors.  They all have an amazing sense of self.  And who they are.  They didn't want their session where friends, siblings, classmates had their session.  Some had imagined exactly how they wanted their session to look. Others talked about things that they wanted to incorporate into their session.

apples in the apple orchard that they played in as a child.
in a long gorgeous dress on the beach.
surrounded by the beauty of colorful, blossoming flowers.
playing with her puppy.

Each of them, wanting to be bathed in light that i'm able to find though my lens. Each perfectly orchestrated to portray their individual personalities.  Seniors really DO know what they want. They have their own personalities. Their own visions. Dreams. Perspectives. I'm there to capture them.

I am taking applications for seniors from Southern NH high schools to be senior reps for Rebecca Abrams Photography.  What does that mean?  Well, there are some pretty awesome perks if you ask me.   How about a complimentary mini session in May!  Free photo rep cards. Discount on print items.  VISA GIFT CARDS for referrals.  Yup, you get paid when your friends have sessions.

I am only taking a couple of seniors from each school, so be sure to contact me at to get your rep application.  Applications are due back by March 26th!