Just when I thought that my senior season was over (cue tears), I got an email to see if I could squeeze one more in.

Ummm...  OF COURSE!

There really is something about being able to capture seniors and making their session about THEM!  What they like, their interests, what they want to wear, where they envision their session being done.  Every single senior is at the peek of their potential - rather than sticking them behind the same background as everyone else to conform them, why aren't we embracing them as individuals and giving them exactly what they want?!

I want my seniors to bring their personalities - the things that make you, YOU.  Like this amazing senior who brought her softball jersey and bat.  I want you to bring the things that you love so that I can capture it.

Thank you so much to this lovely girl and her family.  We got some awesome shots of her and her sweetheart sister, who I hope I will have the honor of photographing in a few years as well!