Every year I do a couple of days of Christmas Tree Mini sessions that are local to the Londonderry area.  Because I love to get to know the families that I work with and spend time with them, figuring out their dynamics, what makes makes them tick... things that make them smile or evoke some sort of emotion... it's really difficult for me to do quick mini sessions.  But, I know that there is a high demand for these sessions, because, well...

Christmas cards.


So I will share the three days worth of Christmas Tree Mini sessions on my blog.  For this day, image your kids with their closest friends, their dogs and a big open field.  Oh, and no school the next day!  Let me tell you, it was craziness.  But I love each of these kiddos as my own, so it was nothing but fun.  And the mama's (and the photographer) all had a well a well-deserved glass of wine after this one! 

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