So many of the families that I work with are nervous about the weather.  And living in New Hampshire, well... they have a good reason to!  The forecast can change so quickly - from bright sunny skies to dark rain clouds.  This gorgeous family rolled the dice on their session and they came out a winner for sure.

It was cold.  It was wet.  They definitely had to warm up in the car and perhaps some bribes were made at the coldest moments.  But they all had such awesome attitudes and these kiddos were SO great.  Mom gets a huge award for the best dressed family - I can imagine that getting 4 kids to wear what you want them to, when you want them to is a huge feat.  She organized their clothes beautifully with personality, layering and interest.  Kuddos to her!

If you are ever nervous about the weather for your session, take a look at this.  Literally between the cold raindrops, we were able to get these amazing images.  Thank you, S family, for your truly incredible session!