This session.  Well, this one is personal.  This is my family - and while we don't share the same DNA or last name, they are nothing less than family.  When they called on me to do a session for them... well.  I was so honored.  There seriously is nothing more humbling than having your own family want you to take their photos.

Think about it.  Uncle Bob pulls out his camera at your kid's party, or at your wedding... You roll your eyes.  You wish he would put it away.  You hope and pray that he doesn't post all of those photos with filters on Facebook.  

I'm no Uncle Bob, but sometimes I wonder if my family just thinks of me... as me.  With a camera.  That could be annoying to them, right?!

It was absolutely amazing know to what makes them laugh, what moves them, how to make them comfortable... to just *know* when to get the shot, capture the moment. I was so thrilled to be able to capture them all together.